An earth-scraper is a structure (building) that extends from the surface and deep into the underground. In simple terms, earth-scrapers are inverted skyscrapers, and urban Dwellings is an earth-scraper 80 feet deep, with foundations as deep as 200 feet.

Being developed on an area of 18 kanals in Bahria Garden City, Islamabad, this ultra-modern architecture seamlessly combines the contentment of a home and the desire for luxury. The perfectly orchestrated private entrance and a 21st-century facade give way to a clean, modern exterior; undoubtedly, Urban Dwellings has been crafted to perfection.


The architecture for the building takes inspiration from creating a vertical neighborhood. The elaborate courtyards, green spaces, and terraces give life to the surroundings. Designed keeping HENRY millennials in mind, the comfort of lush green spaces, and the joy of having a connected lifestyle, Urban Dwellings will be an ideal place for years to come.

Who are HENRY millennials?

HENRYs are typically millennials (Generation Y) in their early 30s earning over a certain amount and living in urban areas. For the foreseeable future, HENRYs will be the consumers that every business and investor will need to know well. On track to becoming the ultra-wealthy of the future, catering to their needs, Urban Dwellings provides the ideal opportunity for both users and investors alike.

Extraordinary amenities

Set against the canvas of the city’s beatific skyline, Urban Dwellings opens up a genre of private, shared & communal spaces intricately molded to radiate the perfect sense of family living. It’s a lifestyle destination built for sustainability. Enhancing your living standards with an endless supply of green spaces, commercial amenities, and sporting & recreational facilities under one roof at Urban Dwellings, life truly is extraordinary.

A pet-friendly atmosphere, the construction covers approx. 50% of the land area, the remaining being developed around users’ preferences, such as astounding open spaces, pavements, courtyards, and vast parking.

For the residents, a terraces-based fitness center, kids’ activity area, swimming pool, cafes & eateries, and open-air cinema provide a unique blend and a new concept of vertical living. The earth-quake-resistant structure provides optimized space utilization and meets all the regulations – providing you with complete peace and comfort.

Why Bahria Garden City, Islamabad?

The Urban Dwellings 18 Kanal plot is a stellar location, just minutes from the main G.T Road and a high point in the greens of Bahria. This prominent location offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views and is home to one of the city’s best educational, commercial, healthcare, and recreational facilities.

Mesmerizing private spaces

The living spaces at Urban Dwellings are designed considering the exact requirements of the future users of the building. Spacious and well-lit hallways, connected yet separate terraces unravel the layers of class that Urban Dwellings is being built upon and promises to uphold for generations.

Matching the desire for space, Urban Dwellings offers spacious apartments:

1-bed apartment with parking

2-bed apartment with guest room and parking

3-bed apartment with guest room and parking

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Scientific pricing:

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Flexible payments:

making real estate affordable, you decide what you want, how you want

Construction visibility:

track each project’s progress in real-time against the set development milestones

Before making your purchase in Urban Dwellings, we recommend you make an informed decision by properly viewing and transparently understanding the costing structure. We are changing the way the development industry works, and we are doing that by giving power to the customer.

By making you a part of the journey and keeping the process traceable, we allow you to monitor the progress and avail multiple value-added services that make your experience smooth and hassle-free.

Why wait? Embark on a journey rising from the heart and anchored to suit your style of living. Your memories will start here. To invest, sign up now!

Yahya Chaudury

Yahya Chaudury

Head of Marketing