Project details

  • Q. What is the net/gross area?

    The net/gross area depends upon the project that you are investing in. Gross area typically includes net area, circulations and parking. Net area is the actual amount of space you get in an apartment, commercial etc.

  • Q. Do you offer residential or serviced apartments?

    This depends upon the project you are interested in. Some projects may offer residential only and some may offer a hybrid of service and residential apartments. In addition, exploring a range of real estate use cases, our platform features projects that offer investment options in co-working spaces and tourism ventures.

  • Q. Which cities do you have projects in?

    The projects on our platform range from the twin-cities to Nathiagali to Bahawalpur.

  • Q. Do you consult for existing societies?

    Depending upon the requirements, DAO PropTech can provide consultation for a fee. For details, please Contact Us.

  • Q. Do you sell plots or plot/files, or just constructed buildings etc?

    DAO PropTech doesn’t deal in plots or plot files. The projects on our platform offer highly lucrative ownership and investment options in developmental real estate projects.

  • Q. What is the price of an apartment (1, 2, 3 bed etc.)?

    The ownership plans are highly customizable and personalized based on your individual needs. For e.g. if the size of a 1 bedroom apartment is 1,000 sq. ft. and the development round rate is PKR 5,000 per sq. ft., and if you are willing to pay the entire amount upfront, it will cost you PKR 50 lac. If you wish to purchase your desired area over a longer term, the price you pay will depend upon your upfront payment, future development round rates and the total term.

  • Q. Are you selling apartment wise or square feet (sq. ft.) wise?

    The projects offer both Demarcated and Non-Demarcated investment options. Depending upon your investment goal(s), you can purchase a sq. ft. area equivalent to a whole unit, or less. Or you can diversify your investment and purchase sq. ft. area in multiple projects. There are no penalties, possession charges or any other hidden costs.

  • Q. What type of projects does DAO PropTech feature?

    At DAO PropTech, we believe in need driven real estate solutions. The use cases range from mixed use buildings (residential and commercial) to co-working spaces and tourism ventures. On a journey to explore a variety of real estate use cases, we are keen towards providing a multitude of real estate solutions to the customers.

  • Q. What is the final price of a shop / commercial space?

    The final price you pay depends upon the project and how you construct your payment plan according to the developemnt rounds. Not every project offers a shop / commercial space. For e.g. if the size of a shop is 600 sq. ft. (gross) and the development round rate is PKR 6,000 per sq. ft., and if you are willing to pay the entire amount upfront, it will cost you PKR 36 lac. If you wish to purchase your desired area over a longer term, the price you pay will depend upon your upfront payment, future development round rates and the total term.

  • Q. What is included in the apartment?

    This depends from project to project. A typical 1 bedroom apartment will have a separate kitchen, living room / lounge and a washroom. If the project is offered as fully furnished, the apartment will also include HVAC, furniture, furnishings, crockery etc.

  • Q. Are your projects earthquake resistant?

    As part of our onboarding protocols, we comply with the relevant development authority’s standards and provide earthquake resistance structure where applicable.

  • Q. What assurance is provided by the developer for completion?

    For the customers to believe in us as dictated by the values of our company, the developers have put their stakes in the project and locked their investment until completion before seeking funding from other customers. As a policy, future funding rounds will not be initiated until previous funding rounds milestones and targets are achieved, acting as a Risk Mitigation tool for the customers at all stages.

  • Q. Will I get parking with my allotted unit?

    Yes, dedicated parking is offered in some of the projects. You can speak to one of our consultants for more details around the projects, or visit the projects section on our platform

Investment details

Profit / Capital Gain

  • Q. How much capital gain is expected on an investment of 5 million+?

    Your % capital gains, irrespective of the amount will depend upon the project, development round you invest in and the time at which you liquidate. The earlier you invest, the greater the early investors' advantage, since the risk is highest at the beginning of a project, the reward is equally high.

  • Q. What is the guarantee of profit / capital gain to be given to investors?

    Since the projects on our platform offer cost-based prices i.e. the prices don’t include high premiums, you invest at cost price and at completion you earn profit/capital gains at market value.

  • How is DAO PropTech providing the best real estate investment options in the market?

    A well thought out use case, transparency of information, cost-based pricing, development round based funding and a Distributed Ledger of Ownership are some of the key factors that make DAO PropTech the pioneer in the PropTech space in Pakistan. Investor’s risk mitigation is done in various stages of our model. Total distributed and the allocated area is as per approved by relevant authorities and distributed in development rounds based on ‘actual work progress’. In addition to that, DAO PropTech is led by a team of competent professionals who have extensive experience in the market and in their respective fields. Essentially, through DAO PropTech, you become a project partner in proprietary, verified, development real estate deals. We have all your interests covered in the best way possible.

NOC & Approval

  • Q. Do you have a NOC for the projects?

    Yes, all projects listed on DAO PropTech platform must have approvals and NOCs. You can view all the documentations for each project on our portal. Click here to register or sign in.

  • Q. Are the projects approved?

    All the projects on our platform are approved by the relevant authorities. You can find all the relevant documents by logging in. In addition, we have a rigorous Project Selection Matrix through which we score projects on a number of factors including business perspective, legal, pricing, financing etc. You can also view each project’s score on our platform. platform.

  • Q. Who are the developers?

    We have different developers on board for different projects. You can explore the different projects and details about their respective developers on our portal.

  • Q. How can I be sure that it is not fraud? Is my investment secure?

    DAO PropTech is a registered company with SECP and P@SHA. All of the transactions are recorded on an anonymous distributed ledger that is completely transparent and secure. Furthermore, you will be handed a sales agreement that ensures legal ownership of your area rights/property.

  • Q. What happens if your company gets in loss later on?

    Regardless of the company’s performance, your property will still remain yours as per the sales agreement.

Transactions and Taxes