We have redefined the way you purchase real estate

By bringing complete transparency to real estate transactions, and at all levels of your journey, we have given you the confidence and trust you need. Flexible payments make the offering truly inclusive, whether you are looking for passive income, capital gains, or a long-term value creation. You are now in complete control.

BLOC also allows you to view each project's progress and the statuses of various construction milestones online.


Personal Dashboard

Start at your own pace, on your own terms. Your personal dashboard allows you to securely keep a track of your wealth and its growth


Manage and track your purchases, see returns, and calculate gains all in one place. Purchase digitally, and choose a plan that suits your needs

DAO Listings

Buy and sell your accumulated area directly to and from other customers. Select the amount you want to sell and the price you want to sell it for

Transfer Area

Transfer your purchases to friends and family in just a few clicks. No tedious paperwork. Fast, secure peer-to-peer transactions