Project Plans

DAO PropTech offers a variety of plans tailored to your needs.
Whatever plan you select, the payments are always made directly to the project/developer’s accounts.

Buy to Sell

If you’re interested in capital gains and profit maximization, this is the plan for you. Whether you pay upfront and avail huge discounts, or buy in instalments, this plan ensures maximum gains when you ultimately sell your property.

Buy to Own

Looking for a place of your own or maybe a second home? This is it. Get the best deals on advance payment, or make your own instalments plan, at the end you will be in possession of your own property!

Buy to Earn

Invest in a property with the Buy to Earn plan and earn halal income. Enjoy above-market returns and maintain complete control over your investment. Don’t let your funds sit idle, make your money work for you.

Buy to Save

Savings that grow over time – the best hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. You can now use your monthly savings to start owning premium real estate. As the property appreciates, so do your savings.

Get on the property ladder

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