Urban Dwellings

Urban Dwellings, an ultra-modern architecture being developed on an area of 18 Kanals. The structure seamlessly combines the contentment of a home and the desire for luxury. With a perfectly orchestrated entrance, and a 21st century façade giving way to a clean, modern exterior, Urban Dwellings has been crafted to perfection.

Powered by DAO PropTech, and designed with keeping HENRY millennials in mind, the comfort of lush green spaces & the joy of having a connected lifestyle that sparks joy, Urban Dwellings is an ideal place to be for years to come.

Construction Update #8

Urban Dwellings' 8th Construction Update, June 2022.

Construction Update #6

Urban Dwellings' 6th Construction Update, March 2022.

Construction Update #5

Urban Dwellings' 5th Construction Update, Janaury 2022.

Construction Update #4 - Year End Review

Urban Dwellings' 4th Construction Update, December 2021. Haseeb Taj takes you through the initial project journey and how we have progressed in a short span of time.