PropTech MasterClass

Property Technology aka PropTech, the buzzword in today’s technologically advanced world is the sophisticated amalgamation of technology to succour with modern real estate needs. In this series we explore the future of real estate in Pakistan, the impact PropTech will have on our individual lives, the way we transact and do business, and the worldly advancements within the PropTech space.

Catch industry experts in conversation, learn about Blockchain technology in real estate, and the power you have to make highly informed investment decisions.

7 factors to consider before investing in real estate

Real estate investing is not as easy as it may seem. Jawad Nayyar, Chief Vision Officer at DAO PropTech, explains the 7 most important factors one should take into account before investing in real estate and explains several key concepts.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital, decentralized and linear collection of data across a network of computer systems. Khurram Adhami, an expert in this field explains in simple terms what blockchain is all about.

Do you know how to value a property from its rental income?

A property’s value can be estimated using only its rental income using the Income Method valuation approach. There are numerous other ways one can estimate the value of real estate, as explained by our co-founders, Jawad Nayyar, Haseeb Taj, and Haseeb Mirza in this video.

What are the risks involved in the developmental real estate business?

Before investing in developmental real estate, if you don’t know the different types of risks involved, you can find yourself in a very tricky situation. Watch this video and learn from our Chief Vision Officer, Jawad Nayyar explaining the different risks at different stages of development.