General Description

Facilitate in preparing reports, collect and research documents. Greet guests, respond to their inquires and arrange meeting requests. Will act as the point of contact for all employees, providing administrative support and managing their queries. Main duties include managing office stock, preparing regular reports (e.g. expenses and office budgets) and organizing company records.

Essential Duties, Tasks and responsibilities

  • Manage office supplies stock and place orders.
  • Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budgets.
  • Maintain and update company databases.
  • Organize a filing system for important and confidential company documents.
  • Answer queries by employees and clients.
  • Update office policies as needed.
  • Maintain a company calendar and schedule appointments.
  • Book meeting rooms as required.
  • Distribute and store correspondence (e.g. letters, emails and packages).
  • Prepare reports and presentations with statistical data, as assigned.
  • Schedule in-house and external events.
  • Look after front desk.
  • Meet and greet walk-in customers/guests..
  • Marketing attendance on online excel sheet.
  • Receive, send all couriers and maintain the record.
  • Maintain inventory sheet and carrying out systematic tagging of company assets.
  • Coordinating all purchases and collaborate with finance to make vendor payment.
  • Manage and supervise office boys and janitorial staff.
  • Look after daily administrative and facility management operations of the office.


(Preferred Trainings) + (Certifications/ Diplomas) + (Software Skills)



2-3 years experience in the similar capacity

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