General Description

Selling project property units, paying client visitations, giving demonstrations, carrying out site visits, and closing deals. Responsible for effectively communicating project sales offers, following up with clients for deals relationship management (and keeping them updated on their chosen property concerns), renegotiating property prices with buyers where needed, and defining project strategy to expedite individual performance levels.

Essential Duties, Tasks and responsibilities

  • Speak to customers who are interested in your product.
  • Convert raw data into warm leads.
  • Manage calls and CRM timely.
  • Maintain a consistent pipeline of qualified prospects.
  • Achieve daily KPIs, targets allocated and monthly quota.
  • Schedule meeting (Indoor/Outdoor).
  • Conversion of lead towards closing deal from lead client / personal references.
  • Reporting to Manager. (Weekly & Monthly)


  • Sales Skill 1: Problem Recognition.
  • Sales Skill 2: Identifying the Real Decision Maker(s)
  • Sales Skill 3: Ideal Solution.
  • Sales Skill 4: Time Frame.
  • Sales Skill 5: Qualifying on Price.
  • Sales Skill 6: Rapport Building.
  • Sales Skill 7: Ability to Manage Pressure
  • Sales Skill 8: Integrity
  • Sales Skill 9: Ethics


(Preferred Trainings) + (Certifications/ Diplomas) + (Software Skills)

Bachelors in Economics, Accounts, Finance, Math, Marketing


4 Plus Years in Sales

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