Customer Series

The Customer series focuses on capturing the delightful experience our investors have had when investing with DAO PropTech.

Belonging to a variety of segments of the society, one of the notable and most important investor for us is Junaid Shafi, a daily wager who invested his life savings with us. DAO PropTech offers truly inclusive real estate investment opportunities.

Burhan ul Haq - A digital professional who chose DAO PropTech

Joining in our earliest days, Burhan led the digital and communications teams at DAO PropTech. He was one of the first believers in DAO PropTech’s vision and invested his own and his family’s money via the DAO PropTech platform. “DAO Proptech’s instant liquidity and business model are a game-changer”, says Burhan.

Kaleem Barlas - Seasoned Investor, Professor & Ex-Banker

Kaleem Barlas is a professor and the former Executive Director at Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), Pakistan. While he has been a real estate investor since the late 1960s, he was thoroughly impressed by DAO PropTech's model and digital-first approach. He invested in an income yielding developed project via DAO PropTech and enjoys actual monthly rental income along with value appreciation on his investment.

Mubeen Anjum - A realtor who likes transparency in real estate

Mubeen Anjum is a Real Estate Agent and Businessman who has recently moved to Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Having experience in property dealing, it was easy for him to make his next purchase via DAO PropTech due to its transparent and secure dashboard. I am so happy, I'm already bringing more clients on-board says Mubeen.

Yahya Khan - A Local Businessman from Swat

Hailing from Swat, Yahya is a businessman and Vice President of Al Khidmat Foundation Swat. “They are thorough professionals with excellent business practices. I would urge all my friends and family to invest with DAO PropTech”, says Yahya.