Construction Series

Across the globe, the construction industry is amongst the principal and most significant industries, and also one which is least understood. Our Director PMO, Haseeb Taj, a Structural Engineer, has taken on the challenge to educate our audience on a variety of construction related topics ranging from soil investigation to building a fair face wall in our pilot project Elements Residencia.

Why use shipping containers for constructing a resort

Watch this video to understand why and when to use shipping containers in construction. Our Director PMO, Haseeb Taj, discusses in detail the opportunities and challenges presented by shipping containers for developers.

Why buildings don't sink into the ground

Watch this video to learn about the state-of-the-art methods used by developers to make structures timeless. Here, our Director PMO, Haseeb Taj, presents and explains the soil retention systems in place at Urban Dwellings.

Importance of soil investigation before starting construction

In this video, our Co-founder Haseeb Taj who has over 10 years of construction experience, talks about why it is important to have proper soil tests before taking up a construction project.

The marla game

Learn how the unit for land area, the ‘marla’ has changed over the years as explained by Haseeb Taj. Since its inception during the British Raj, the modern-day marla has reduced in number of square feet and is not the same as it was back then.